Co-working towards improving your bottom line


Typical & costly problem areas that occur during a Business work-flow

Take control of your daily "workflow" process & improve  Productivity & Profitability with the help of a bespoke online

Workflow Process Management System. 

Managers / Owners


Follow-ups & Messaging


Leads & Enquiries      

Work in Progress     




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  • Will no longer be lost because of poor response times or as a result of not being properly dealt with

  • Sales Consultants will easily track & manage all Leads from the initial Enquiry -  Quotations - Job acceptance - Installation - Delivery - After Sales, through to finalisation. 

  • Is tracked from the Quote acceptance and/or Deposit stage -  Orders  - Factory process.

  • Tasks are allocated & monitored at every stage through to Installation and Delivery.

  • Progress Visits & Snag Lists are tracked at every point of the process..

  • Deposits / Progress Payments / Final Payments are tracked & monitored from job start to the final sign off.

  • Due/overdue dates are flagged auto triggering reminders to the persons responsible.

  • Cash flow and commissions will be tracked in real time for the duration of jobs.

  • Messaging & alerts are automatically triggered throughout the job process ensuring that no deadlines are overlooked.

  • Follow-ups are automatically generated on tasks that are overdue or uncompleted.


  • Have access to every user / job & will be able to effortlessly keep track of the overall work flow.

  • This eases the management burden as at any given time you will accurately know what the situation is in your business which is crucial to the smooth function of your business.

  • It is when this process slows up, or breaks down that many potential jobs and unhappy new clients are often lost somewhere along the line. 

  • The system is very competitively priced and will be accessible to you on a monthly service fee basis that includes training / technical support / upgrades & any other assistance which may be required.

Project Management

  • View & allocate resource to Projects in a transparent manner, ensuring all deliverables are met & problems resolved in an easy to use interface.

The service can be accessed 24/7 from any location with any Internet capable device. 


Effective communication is vitally important

& throughout every job's progress you will experience the system working for you as it automatically upgrades each process by consistently triggering & flagging important deadlines / payments due and/or rescheduling. 

These steps will be auto updated on your Dashboard & cellular devices every step of the way through to conclusion. 

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