Finally the tools big business use are available as a cost & time effective solution. 


We take care of the programming & design ensuring you are left with what matters.......

Information to steer your business & make informed decisions with minimal time input from you or existing staff.


  • Industry Specific systems are designed to bridge the gaps between Customers - Sales - Factory - CEO.

  • Current solutions have been designed for;

Landscaping Businesses

Kitchen Fitting Companies

Security Services

Various Manufacturing Businesses

  • Employing our general application we work with you to customise & mould it to your specific needs ensuring a unique service specific to your business requirements. 

  • Software designed to complement existing processes to make all aspects of your business more transparent.

  • Improved Communication within your business leads to a more customer centric approach and in turn increased customer satisfaction and an improved customer experience.


Productivity Managers


Productivity Managers Intellingence

  • Affordable Online Dashboarding Solutions designed specifically for the SME market.

  • Dashboards & information is presented in a meaningful way enabling you to make informed decisions about your business based on business facts not feel.

  • Integrate with your current databases as well as external analytics such as Google analytics, social media feeds.

  • Provides a coherent view of all aspects of your business from current database information such as;


Current orders

Stock levels

Marketing such as social media

Web analytics etc.

  • Online based so you can view the data anywhere on any web enabled platform.

  • Collaberative effort with partner Appility Apps & Productivity Managers Intelligence focusing on Events.

  • Using the latest methods such as QR codes / NFC tags & layered with a dashboard focusing on social media feeds & event data we are able to see quantitatively what products your show visitors are most interested in.

  • In addition we can see what impact your event marketing has had.

  • Take the guesswork out of product development & obtain real actionable information, ensuring you get the most value out of the Event.

  • Event specific mobile app and analytics.

  • Communicate with potential visitors to the show, ie inform them of special guests, product specific talks / demonstrations, specials etc.

  • Give them digital redeemable vouchers direct to their phone etc


Productivity Managers Events


Business Consulting

  • In the main, businesses have similar work flow patterns since jobs usually start off as enquiries. However, it’s the process that follows thereafter that is far too often beset with failure resulting in lost sales / jobs.

  • This pattern could easily be likened to a “broken Rubik’s cube”. On their own the pieces are meaningless since they need to work together as a team to become a completed cube.

  • Likewise, every single aspect of your job flow process plays a major role in the success thereof. If just 1 part of the process fails or is held up, it can risk the entire job which can have a severe effect on; Customer Service / Repeat Business / Your Reputation / Stock Losses / Financial Losses / Business Survival.


  • We will Analyse every aspect of your work flow process to reveal areas of breakdown and       weakness and Implement measures to remedy and improve your efficiency.












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